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Gary Silberg
Returning Member

T2125 - can I combine two into one?

I have a T4A slip with two amounts - one in Box 20 and one in Box 48. They are essentially payments for similar types of work, but one is considered "commissions" (Box 20) and one is considered "fees" (Box 48). TurboTax creates two T2125 forms - putting the income from Box 20 on one and the income from Box 48 on the other. Is there a way to get only one T2125 form instead of two? I don't want to have to try to split my expenses entries between the two forms. I'd rather just enter the expenses once on a single T2125 form.

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T2125 - can I combine two into one?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to delete the T2125s that TurboTax created for you. But you can just put the basic info on one of them, and then fill out the other with all your details (expenses, etc...). 

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