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New Member

Disability tax credit

Filing taxes for my parents and brother (over 18 - disabled dependent) 


I filed for my brother first and it would not give me the option to transfer the credit to my parents and therefore the whole amount was claimed on this return.


I tried to override line 316000 with a zero as well as the DTC calc but it would not let me submit through efile. Any tips? We are using the CD software version. 

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Disability tax credit

Thank you for your question. To claim the disability tax credit, you must first have an approved DTC application (form T2201) on file with the CRA, completed by both the person claiming the credit and a medical professional. If you’re transferring the credit from your dependant, Section 4 of the form must also be signed by the person with the disability.

To enter this information into TurboTax, select from one of the following options:

CD/Download versions of TurboTax

Before claiming any disability tax credit amounts, you’ll need to make sure that you have already entered a dependant in your return profile.

Once this has been completed, use the following steps to transfer your disability tax credit(s):

  1. Select the magnifying glass icon (or Find), then type Claims for Dependants and select Go.
  2. On the Claims for Dependants step, answer Yes, then select Continue.
  3. Select the dependant whose disability amount you want to transfer, then select Enter Dependant Credits.
  4. On the Claim Dependant Credits step, check Disability amount transfer and select Continue.
  5. Complete the Disability Transfer step and select Continue.


TurboTax will then automatically calculate the amount your dependant can transfer based on the income and other info you entered, deducting this amount from your balance owing (if applicable).
You’ll find the calculated amount on your Dependant Credit Summary.

Also read this FAQ. 

Disability tax credit

This answer is not useful. We need to be able to overide line 316 because only one person can ask for that credit. In order to use the unused credit of someone who is already authorized to have the credit, it must not show up on their own tax return. The question is not "are we authorised or not" but HOW to remove the credit from the person with a handicap. 

New Member

Disability tax credit

I am having the same problem. Trying to file for my parent who have transferred the credit to me. However, everytime, I have to file the return normally, then go through months of contacting CRA back and forth to change the amounts on their returns for lines 31600, 35700, 51090, 58440 and 59070 to zero before I can claim the credit for dependent. 

If we override, Turbotax does not allow to efile. 

Disability tax credit

I usually solve this issue by selecting "I am not eligible for this credit" in the disable person's tax return. I used to believe that it would cancel the credit, but it doesn't. It simply tells the software not to request it for the disable person. Then I proceed to request it myself. Never had an issue ever since I began doing this. As far as RCA is concerned, as long as only person requests the credit, all is well.