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Non resident CANADA -Need help

For  2021 I am considered a resident alien and my spouse was also a resident alien as she stayed 190 in the USA  but she was not employed.For 170 days she was employed in CANADA.

Had question related to TAX file in CANADA 


I understand that my wife can file tax in CANADA  as non resident.

Non resident form for CANADA has spouse detail section .Looks like if person is married then tax return should be filled as married and it is mandatory to give spouse details and world income


I did'nt went to CANADA and was working in USA  for US employer and I don't have CANADA ITIN or SIN so in my wife CANADA income tax return what should be entered in spouse section ? I am not sure if I should be declaring my USA income there ..

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Non resident CANADA -Need help

We appreciate you choosing TurboTax,


Enter the spouse's SIN as 000-000-000 if you don't have a SIN.

Filing Taxes

If you live in the United States and file an American tax return, you and your spouse may file jointly or separately, depending on whichever option gives you the larger advantage.


However, in Canada, you may not choose between the two. Instead, you must provide information about your spouse on your own tax return, which you must file separately.


Be prepared to declare your marital status and your spouse’s income.

  • If your spouse is earning American dollars, you need to convert their earnings into Canadian dollars.
  • If your spouse does not work, you may claim the deduction amount on line 303 for an eligible spouse. You may claim that amount even if your spouse is not a resident of Canada


Please visit the link provided for further clarifications:

TurboTax: Tax Implications of Marrying a U.S. Citizen



Please contact our phone support team or contact us directly on Facebook or Twitter if you require further assistance.

Level 1

Non resident CANADA -Need help

From the facts you provide:  you do not ordinarily live in Canada, you do not work in Canada (you have not been in Canada at all) and you are considered resident alien of the US, this means you are a non-resident for Canada tax. You do not report any US source income in Canada on your wife's Canadian tax return because in Canada we do not file joint tax returns.  Non-residents only report Canadian source income, such as your wife will do. She is not resident of Canada for the same facts as you but she earns Canadian income.


She files a non-resident Canadian tax return only reporting her Canadian income. She will select married status, enter 000-000-000 for her spouse SIN, and in the section where it asks for spouses income she reports your worldwide income converted to Canadian dollars, and she must NOT claim any spousal credits on her Canadian tax return (as you mention that you earned income in the US). The spousal income reported on her tax return is not there to be taxed but is more informational.  I hope that makes sense.

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