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Locked Forms

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Locked Forms

I'm in more of a rush than my wife on getting my taxes done, so I had all my stuff ready, and I do not trust companies that say the release will be made in 2 days...


I used to work for a payroll company and the fixes were seldom working right, or on time.  Or fixed everything that is supposed to, then you wait two more days, then a few more days after that.


And seeing how the CEO and VP of marketing aren't saying anything about their company missing their deadlines tells me they are not on top of this problem and don't really care.


If the CEO of the company cared he would have made a statement, or someone would have said something.  Leaving it to the front line employees that are not in control of any decision making is a really bad situation for a company, and the CEO Sasan Goodarzi owns it.  And he chooses not to be upfront with his customers.


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Locked Forms

I had the same problem. But they have resolved this issue. So what I did what called CRA, and they checked to see if my account what up to date. After that, I logged into my TurboTax account and cleared my browser cache. Only then was I able to resolve the issue. I just filed my taxes now for myself, my wife and business website

Locked Forms

I would like to know why my tax forms are "currently unavailable" and locked. Cannot file and cannot find an answer, for 2021 Netfiling with TurboTax Online.  I have never had this problem before and I am becoming quite frustrated.

Locked Forms

If you come across locked forms or receive a message saying that forms aren’t finalized when using TurboTax, you will not be allowed to complete the filing of your return.
We understand this is an inconvenience and are working hard to finalize these forms in order to align ourselves with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) requirements and include them in our updates.


Thank you for choosing TurboTax.


Locked Forms

As an update: I was able to netfile my return today; no more locked form error.


Everyone try again!

Locked Forms

Thank you for letting us know. The form that was needed in your return was probably updated. You did right by continuing to verify.

Thank you for choosing TurboTax.

Locked Forms

Can you please tell me if/when T2125 statement of business activities will be unlocked?

Locked Forms

I discovered this issue as well Monday Feb 21st at 8pm when I tried to file before they closed net file at midnight EST, called Turbo tax in the morning to find out the CRA System has not finalized the business forms for the program to pull, so they say I'm taking their word.


So I called the "CRA" they had no clue what I was talking about even the senior CRA staff had no answers.

But they told me if they receive enough phone call complaints in the next few days as to why the forms aren't finalized they will look into it but could take a few days to a week to resolve.

They also said that you need to verify that you qualify to NETFILE now, as they have made changes to qualifications to NETFILE is years so before you call the number I put at the bottom or you can "Google" CRA phone number.

1) First go to their website at ""
2) In the top right search box type in the word "NETFILE"
3) In this window scroll down to "File your taxes online: Understand NETFILE"
4) In this window click on the button at the top box that says "NETFILE eligibility"
5) Review the very, very long list of exclusions to NETFILE, and only if you don't meet those then call the number and ask the representative to put in a request for when the forms will be ready


If they receive enough unhappy citizens complaining about the forms not being ready on Monday, it will help get it expedited and also if asked let them know that you did review the list items that would make you ineligible to NETFILE and that the issue is the program won't let you click on the "NETFILE button" because the business forms for most people is the T2125 but make sure you provide your exact business form number to them that you are filing if not the T2125.

But it you meet any of the NETFILE ineligibility you will need to print and mail it in but only once the forms are finalized (don't think you need to send receipts, they will call you for anything they need to see)

Hope that helps, and saves you the over 2 hours it took me to get this information, glad to know I'm not alone in this frustration.


I think it is Turbo tax's responsibility to be on them to get a date to provide us  as the CRA only now accepts NETFILE via certified tax software programs and certified accountants.

The CRA number is [phone number removed]

Locked Forms

I need the same form. So frustrating